3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Apps Accessible

Since the advent of the modern personal computer, assistive technology has been improving the lives of disabled people in very significant ways. With the arrival of VoiceOver on both the Mac, and soon after, on iOS, the potential for disabled users to interact with their devices in just as meaningful a way as everyone else […]

New iPhone App: SimpleMic Audio Recorder

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally in the swing of things, working on a brand new iPhone app. SimpleMic is going to be my take on a very well known utility, the audio recorder. In getting back to doing solo development, I agonized for a long while over what type of app […]

An Introduction to iOS Analytics

I have employed the use of ¬†an analytics service in many of the iOS apps I’ve been involved in and as such, have learned to appreciate the overwhelming value of doing so. Recently, I came across yet another new way to use analytics that excited me enough to write a post outlining some of the […]


The iOS platform relies heavily on the use of gestures to enable both basic and complex activities across the core OS and within applications. One such gesture is the “swipe” gesture, which in most cases is used to advance content within a view, either horizontally or vertically. It is a very natural way to interact […]

Why Are You Changing My Twitters?

I am undoubtedly late to the party in commenting on the significant Twitter overhaul that rolled out late last week, but I’d like to comment nonetheless. Whether the changes in both user interface and experience are ultimately for the better or worse has been a topic debated at nauseam, but I feel as though many […]

“Speak Selected Text” in OS X Lion

The arrival of Mac OS X Lion (10.7) several months ago marked yet another milestone for Apple’s desktop operating system. It ushered in several significant improvements such as iCloud, versions, revamped apps, and of particular interest to myself and the rest of the visually impaired community, some accessibility enhancements. After some much needed hardware upgrades […]

Hello World

Hello, my name is Nick and this is my new blog. I hope this is the start of a long and meaningful journey that sees me doing something I’ve longed to do more of for quite some time, writing. For now, I’ll be focusing on mostly software development and technology with a bit of fatherhood […]